JRA hand in child

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Children can develop a number of the exact same types of arthritis that adults do. Around 300,000 minors have actually been identified with an arthritis disease, however with appropropriate treatment children can live long and active lives. Like adult RA, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) is triggered by the body’s immune system attacking its own healthy tissue. Scientists believe that children, just like adults, have the same hereditary tendencies that can be set off to develop arthritis diseases. Research has not supplied any definitive solution to avoiding arthritis diseases in children since the cause of immune malfunction is still commonly unidentified.

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Shooting Pain in Knee

Causes of Shooting Pain in Knee

The majority of people experience knee pain at some point in their lives. Sports, workout and other activities can cause muscle pressures, tendinitis, and more severe injuries to ligaments and cartilage. For some, knee pain can be so severe that it restricts day-to-day activities. For others, mild knee pain might be a chronic hindrance to the active lifestyle they want. In either case, opportunities are that you’re dealing with a knee problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

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Baastrup's Disease in Humans

Baastrup’s Disease

A male, 70 years of age experiences serious episodes of low back pain for the previous 10 years. The pain is accompanied with tenderness on palpation, in the mid-lumbar region. The patient explained that the pain becomes worse during extension movements while eliminates during forward flexion. A CT scan and MRI was performed which showed that the L3 and L4 spinal column were facing each other, with the interspinous space filled with fluid, causing inflammation around the tissues. It turned out to be Baastrup’s disease or kissing spinal column syndrome.

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Upper Right Chest and Neck Hurts

Causes for Upper Right Chest and Neck Pain

There are numerous causes of upper right chest and neck pain. Many people with chest and neck pain fear a heart attack, although there are numerous other possible causes of discomfort in these areas. Any organ or tissue in or around the chest can generate pain. Some types of chest and neck pain are caused by broken bones, nerve injuries or anatomical elements.

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