picture of rash on leg

Rash on Arms and Legs

When a rash appears on any part of the body, the skin can become red, swollen and blotchy. It can also appear in the form of spots, which might be pus filled or merely be scaly, flaky or bumpy. A rash can appear anywhere, in any pattern and different extent. Rash on limbs might be due to a range of reasons: be localized or due to a systemic condition. To treat this condition accordingly, this short article will figure out all the possible causes in addition to valuable home care suggestions.

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Head Lice

Will Hair Dye Kill Lice?

Lice may be small, however these parasitic bugs can cause major itching and irritate youa lot. They can grow quickly and pass from one person to another simply by sharing hairbrushes or hats. It is essential that you take actions to get rid of lice as quickly as you discover that you or your child has actually developed them. While there are many efficient methods to resolve the concern, some people believe that hair dye is similarly reliable. Can hair dye eliminate head lice?Keep reading to discover yourself.

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moles cancerous

What Does a Cancerous Mole Look Like?

Moles prevail and, despite the fact that they’re most common in fair-skinned people, almost everyone has a couple of. Normally, they are harmless skin growths resulting from a high concentration of natural skin pigment. In most cases, moles never ever cause an issue and just stay a benign aspect of a person’s skin.

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sebaceous cyst

Infected Sebaceous Cysts

A sebaceous or epidermal cyst is a lump that forms in the outermost layer (skin) of your skin. It establishes when an oil-producing (sebaceous) gland in your skin is obstructed, developing a hollow sac filled with fatty, yellowish compound that appears like home cheese. These cysts frequently include swollen hair follicles or lumps that result from skin injury. Sebaceous cysts are generally safe, but an infected sebaceous cyst can be an issue.

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skin rash not itchy

Rash That Doesn’t Itch

A rash refers to an inflammation on the skin, which can cause a modification in skin texture or color. Depending on the cause, it can be localized or wide-spread on your skin. You could feel itchy, inflamed; the skin could be scaly, stained, painful, dry as well as have sores. However, in some cases you might observe a non-itchy rash. What causes it? Keep reading to discover it.

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